Anonymous asked: Do you think a FN themed cards against humanity would be interesting?


I gained 200 followers in one day…? Hi!!!

Anonymous asked: are you subbed to FN's YT channel or is it not worth it to sub them?

not worth it in my opinion… subscribe to Cooking with Dog !!!!!


So my friend did my make up



If you’ve seen Mean Girls then you would understand why I made this, lol. I don’t know.. let me know if you think it’s funny. :)


Bringing this back

I hope everyone is staying warm!! Good night you guys!

I went to McDonald’s and asked for mayonnaise but got grade A fancy grape jam instead

Anonymous asked: recipe/food combo idea: grilled cheese pancakes - thoughts?

Well I don’t like grilled cheese (I know that’s really strange) but I looooveee the mcgriddles at McDonald’s and I always get a bacon and cheese one with no egg so its kind of like pancakes with cheese on them and also bacon they just aren’t pressed like grilled cheese. But I think you may be on to something anon!!


Here is a list of our top posts of 2013 according to notes. We wish you a happy and healthy new year! // Angela

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Have a fun & safe New Years!!!!! It’s my first New Years where I’m 21 I’m so excited :)))))